Meet Samantha Newell

Samantha Newell was born and raised in Roanoke County and is a proud parent of a Roanoke County student. Samantha has always been committed to supporting childhood development through athletics, volunteering to coach softball, t-ball and cheerleading in Roanoke County. As an accomplished ballerina, she also had the privilege of teaching ballet lessons to young dancers that wanted to follow in her footsteps. She understands the importance of engaging students in extracurricular activities to teach leadership, discipline, self-reliance, teamwork, and respect. She currently works as a research and remediation analyst at Wells Fargo and loves to foster and adopt cats that need a happy home. Samantha cares deeply for her community and is excited to pursue this new opportunity to serve!



Trust Teachers

For too long, administrators have ignored the voices of our experienced and dedicated teachers. Samantha is committed to working directly with teachers to create policies that support them and the students they care about. Teachers know what their students need and Samantha will work hard to make sure they get it!


Individual Solutions for Individual Needs

No two students are alike. Samantha supports providing teachers and administrators the resources they need to ensure each student can learn in the way that suits them best. The needs in Catawba do not necessarily reflect the needs in Cave Spring. Samantha wants to work with districts to ensure that each district’s individual priorities are met in order to build a stronger Roanoke County for all. 



Listen to Children

As a parent and experienced coach, Samantha knows how important it is to listen to students. In our rapidly changing world, students need extra support to navigate the extremism that is plaguing our society. Asking children about their dreams, their experiences, and their needs is the best way to learn how to help them. By engaging students in a dialogue, Samantha hopes to provide new avenues for students to develop leadership skills and plan for their future in Roanoke County.


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